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First steps

  • Disable the app for your Jira Service Desk project by editing the settings for the project and deselecting the Enabled for project option. See Configuring the settings.
  • Ensure that the Prerequisites for the app are installed and configured correctly and that you are receiving notification emails from Jira Service Desk itself. 

Customers are receiving two notification emails when comments are added, edited or both

Please see Configuring the settings and make sure that step 5 has been done for Public comment added and step 4 for Public comment edited Rules.

If the Enable option is not not switched off the built-in Jira Service Desk notification will run alongside the notification email generated by the app and will result in two emails being set out to customers. 

No notifications are being sent

Ensure that the email is set up and configure in Jira itself and that the standard notifications for Jira Service Desk are being sent successfully. 

This Atlassian troubleshooting guide is useful to resolve these issue: Troubleshoot email notifications in Jira Service Desk.

If email is working with the exception of the ones for comment added or edited notifications, review the Configuration pages and in particular ensure that the Enabled for project option is enabled. 

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