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Getting started

Summary of the steps required to install and configure the app.

Before starting

Before starting make sure that the following prerequisites are installed, configured and working:

  • Jira Service Management is installed and licensed.
  • A project has been created for your Service Desk.
  • Incoming email for the Service Desk has been configured and tested.
  • Outgoing email notifications are enabled and working.

See Prerequisites.

Install the app from the Atlassian Marketplace

There are two functionally equivalent versions of app, please use the correct one for your version of Jira / Jira Service Management: 

JiraJira Service Management versionApp version
27.8.0- - 3.16.143.x.x

Install the app from the Atlassian Marketplace.

See Marketplace installation.

Project settings

The app is configured within the Project settings form for a specific Jira Service Management project:

  1. Login to Jira as a user with admin rights.
  2. Open a Jira Service Management project from the Projects menu at the top of any Jira page.
  3. At the bottom left hand side of the page, click on the cog icon to display the Project settings page for the project.
  4. In the Project Settings menu at the left, find Easy Email Attachments for Service Desk and click on it.
  5. The current app settings for this project are displayed in a read-only view.

See Project settings formConfiguring the settings and Settings reference for more details.


Ensure that the app is working correctly by:

  1. Creating an issue using a test Customer account with a configured email address.
  2. As an Agent, responding to the test issue with a comment including an attachment. 
  3. Check that the email notification is received to the test Customer email address and that the attachment is included. 

Troubleshooting and support

See Troubleshooting and Support.

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